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Fees Policy

1. Pre-Payment Agreement

All new registrants can reserve the childcare space with a $250 deposit. If your child does not attend the childcare as agreed upon, this deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to the first month's fee.

2. Withdraw          

One month is the required notice in writing for withdrawal on the first day of the month prior to the child ending care otherwise one-month full fee must be paid for withdrawal from the child care program

3. Probationary Period          

The probation period is a time for supervising and sets the steps for future performance expectations. Both parents and caregivers have the right to child(ren) withdrawal if the child is unable to adapt or adjust within the first month or in the caregiver’s opinion have social, emotional, or physical needs that the caregiver feels he/she is unable to provide for. A two weeks notice is required for either the parent or the caregiver. Part of the monthly fee will be returned, the fee will be charged only for the days attended during the probationary period. As mentioned before, the deposit is not refundable.



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